We analyze the past
of sports events to predict
their future

We make predictions with great accuracy due to our high standards of collecting and processing of sports data

St. Petersburg OPEN 2019

St. Petersburg Open – 2019
St. Petersburg
Sept 16 - Sept 22

Purchase predictions for the tournament
just for $4.4 and get extra predictions for
4 more tournaments for free

Chengdu OPEN 2019

Chengdu Open – 2019
Sept 21 - Sept 29

Purchase predictions for the tournament
just for $4.4 and get extra predictions for
3 more tournaments for free

Wimbledon 2019

High-grade tennis predictions with accuracy over 69%

Correct Predictions 176
Total Matches 254

Our features
Involving machine learning and neural networks we analyze the past of sports events to predict their future

Deep data analysis

We make predictions with great accuracy due to our high standards of collecting and processing of sports data.

Progressive technologies

Machine learning and neural networks make the product a powerful instrument for efficient data analysis.

Multiple use

The product is designed for several customer groups. Besides gamblers, it can be useful for sports teams and clubs.

Mainstream sports

Though the first sport we integrate into the system is tennis yet in the near future we are going to add much more sports.
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We answered the most popular questions that you ask us
How can I contact you?
PM us on Facebook and Twitter. Or send us an email to this address info@sportlab.ai. Please, don't hesitate to contact us if you have any questions.
I’d like to read the latest sports news and get notifications for SportLabAI updates. Any tips on this point?
Follow us on Facebook and Twitter, or join our Telegram groups: Telegram EN or Telegram RU. We share the most actual news and tell about updates of the product.
I bought predictions for the tournament, which will be in a week. I went into it - and there are no any matches. What's wrong?
At the time of buying predictions in this tournament, the tournament grid is not known yet. Not made up a pair of players who will play with anyone. Closer to the tournament start date all information will appear. You just need to wait.
For purchasing predictions for the Challenger, I have a discount of $ 0.6, and for three I get a discount of $ 2.7, not $ 1.8. Why is that?
When you buying predictions for three tournaments, you will receive an additional discount for the number of matches included in these tournaments. In one tournament there are 31 matches, in three - 93. Therefore, you get an additional discount for “wholesale” :-)
I want to buy a prediction for one match in Live, and I am billed at $ 7.5 - more expensive than predictions for a weekly tournament!
Look in the Shopping Cart on the top line Live - “Selected 24h”. $ 7.5 is the price per day of predictions for all matches that will be shown in our live mode. To buy predictions for a certain period of time, you need to expand the Live menu and enter the desired time in the field. The countdown starts immediately after the transaction and the transfer of money to our account.
I purchased a live prediction for 0.4$, but my bill was 0.7$. How come?
The minimum transfer amount without bank commission is 1$. If your transfer is less than 1$, then the bank commission is added by default.
I bought predictions for a tournament that will be in a week. When I tried to open them there were no matches. What could go wrong?
When you purchased predictions, the tournament bracket was not finalized yet. Generally, the information about series of games appears closer to the date of the event. You should wait a little.
Can I buy the weekly tournaments predictions from you? And for one match? And all the predictions for the tournaments for the month ahead?
Yes. You can buy a prediction for one match, for several matches. For tournaments for the whole week, one month in advance. You can buy predictions for events coming in live mode. Mix it as you wish.
Can I see the predictions history?
Yes. All predictions for completed events are open. For clarity, predictions for completed events are highlighted in green. Predictions for unfinished events are highlighted in blue.
I want to buy the predictions for the men's Grand Slam tournament category. How can I find it?
On the left side of the working screen, press ATP and in the “All Tours” menu, select Grand Slam.
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